What is the Admin Dashboard?


    Every Org has its own Admin Dashboard that is accessible only to its Admin. This is where you can:

    • See recent activity in Overview

    • Create, Edit and Organize Merit™ Templates

    • Send Merits

    • Edit, Suspend or Revoke Merits that have been sent

    • Search and/or filter Merits sent

    • Edit and Organize your Org Details

    • Verify and Log your guest or staff Merits

    • Manage Admin Permissions

    To access your Orgs Admin Dashboard, click "Admin Dashboard" located within the header.

    *The Admin Dashboard is not currently available on the Sigma Admin App.



    The different pages in the Admin Dashboard are:

    • Overview: This section shows you all recent activity on your Sigma Org page

    • Merit Templates: This section allows you create, edit existing, and organize Merit™ Templates.

    • Send Merits: Whether you need to send a single merit or multiple merits via .csv file, this is where to go. If you have an integration with Sigma, this is where an additional tab will appear to allow you to send in bulk format as well.

    • Pending Approvals: This page is where all Merits are held for final approval by the appropriate Admin. 

    • Relationships: This page is where all of the merits you have sent are recorded. You can use Records to search, filter, view, edit, suspend, and revoke Merits from individuals.

    • Org Details: Org Details is where you can edit the information that appears on your Org page including contact information. 

    • Verify: This page enables you to scan an individual’s Sigma Key to verify their Merits. Every scan is logged and includes the time of scan and name of the Admin that performed the scan.

    • Settings: The Settings Page allows you to control who has access to your Admin Dashboard. You can now add, remove, and edit the permissions of each member of your Admin team. 

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