Difference Between 'Archiving' and 'Deleting' a Merit™


    You might have noticed that in Edit Merits, some Merits have a “Delete” button, while others have an “Archive” button. This is because once a Merit has been sent to a person, it can no longer be deleted, it must be archived.

    When you delete a Merit Template, it is completely removed from your Organization. It will no longer appear on your Org page and does not show up anywhere in your Admin Dashboard.

    Archiving a Merit Template is for Merits that have been sent to at least one person. When you archive a Merit, the Merit is removed from your Org page and can no longer be sent to new people or edited. Everyone who has received the archived Merit keeps their Merit and their details will still remain in your Records. Archived Merits will appear at the bottom of your Edit Merits page.



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