How to create an Org


    Creating an Org is simple! You can create an Org for any type of Organization, large or small. You must first submit your Org for verification, because only verified Orgs have access to the Sigma Platform.

    Access the Create an Org form by clicking here or use the “Sign Up My Organization” button on

    Check you email inbox right away for your invitation to claim your Sigma profile. You'll have immediate access to your account and have the ability to start entering information about your organization, create Merit Templates, and add other team members to your Admins. You will not be able to send Merits out until your Org is verified. 

    If you already have a profile on Sigma you can find the Create an Org form in the Settings Menu located on the right corner of the header.



    Within 48 hours of submitting your form, a Sigma representative will contact you to verify your Org. 

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