Field Settings


    You can change your Field Settings when you are creating a new Field or editing a pre existing one. After a Merit has been sent, you may not be able to edit certain Field Settings. The Field Settings menu appears as a series of checkboxes. Hovering over the information icons will display brief descriptions of each setting.



    The first option is to set a field as Personal or Universal. A Personal Field means that the field must be filled out specifically for each individual Merit recipient. A Universal Field means that the field is filled out once, and applies for every recipient of the Merit.

    You can also choose to make the Field a requirement. A required Field must be filled in before you can send the Merit. In addition, Required Fields can never be removed from a Merit Template once saved.

    All Field Settings have default values that are different depending on the Field Type (default values can be dates, videos, texts, etc.). These default settings can be changed while creating a Merit Template, and before sending an existing Merit, but will not be editable once a Merit has been sent out for the first time.

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