How to edit a sent Merit™

    1. Click “Relationships” from the Admin Dashboard.

    2. Once on the Relationships tab, take advantage of the search bar and filtering options to find the Merit that requires editing.

    3. Click on the “Edit” button next to the Merit to access the edit menu shown below:




    Editable Information:

    • View the Merit Card by clicking the binoculars
    • Edit the name of the recipient
    • Temporarily suspend a Merit
    • Revoke a Merit
    • Add or delete attachments

    Non Editable Information:

    • Email Address
    • Merit Title
    • Send Date


    If you are needing to edit information on the non editable list, revoke this merit and resend a Merit with the correct information.

    Once you are satisfied with your edits, choose to either “Propose Edit”, which will add the edit to your Org's Approval Queue, or simply click “Save Edit” and it will be applied instantly.


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