How to Create a Field


    There are two ways to access the menu for creating a new Field. The first option is click the "Add a Field" button when creating or editing a Merit Template. The other option is to go to the Fields page, which is a subsection of Merit Templates in your Admin Dashboard.


    At the top right of Merit Templates page, click on the "Create a New Field" icon. This will pull up a new menu for creating fields (this menu is the same as creating a field through the Creating/Editing Templates path). The menu is shown below:


    To create a new field, fill out the Field Name, select a Field Type from the dropdown menu, and add a short description to your Field. The name of the Field must be unique, and cannot share a name with any Global Field or any other field created by your Org.

    Once you have entered the proper information, click "Create" and you will have a new Field! The Create icon will turn green and become active.

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