Organizing Your Merit Templates with Categories


    On Sigma, can group your Merit Templates together in your admin dashboard to make Merits more accessible and organized for both your Org and your members. The Organize Templates page is a subsection of the Merit Templates page, which can be found in the Admin Dashboard.

    Admins can place Merit Templates into several different categories. The example below sorts the Merit Templates on the Sigma Tutorial page into Membership, License and Certificates, Medical and Emergency Response Training, and more. In addition to scrolling through your groups, you can find quick links to all of them at the top of the screen.


    By clicking the Add Category button in the top left, you can make a new category. In order to save a newly created category, there must be at least one Merit within it.

    Each category has several options. Using the up and down arrows on the top left of each category, you can change the order of the categories. To the right of the arrows, the name of the category is listed, and can be edited by an admin. There is an option to ensure that Merits get grouped together on a user's public profile as well.

    Using the button on the top right, you can delete a category. A category can only be deleted if it currently contains Merits. Below this, you can add a short, 200 character description of the category. To add a new Merit to the category, simply drag and drop the merit into the group. When creating Merit Templates, there is a dropdown where you select what category your Template will belong in. The groups you create on the Organize Templates page form the list of categories that you can select from.

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