How to Use the Sigma Admin App


    The Sigma Admin app is designed to enable Orgs to send and verify Merits and perform check ins. See details below:

    Send Merits:  Use by clicking the Send Merit button or the Send icon on the bottom bar. Search for and select a Merit to send by simply clicking the Merit. Fill out the required information and send.

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    Check-in:  Use by clicking the Check-in button or the icon on the bottom bar. This will prompt the camera feature on your phone for you to scan the QR code of an individual. A successful scan will open the user's profile and a list of their Merits.Click on any of those Merits to get more information.

    Check-in Log: Use by clicking the Log icon on the upper right side to view the history of check-ins for your Org.

    Activity feed: View a list of all recent activities (Merits sent, edits made, etc.) performed by your Org.


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    Menu: Use by clicking the three parallel bars on the upper left side. Below is a list of  available options within the Menu:

    • Personal Sigma Profile page: Click the circular image from your profile.

    • Do you have multiple Orgs?: Toggle between Org pages  by using the down/up arrows below your circular profile image.

    • Help Center: Choose the Help Center option  to navigate back for more answers.

    • Create an Org: Choose the Create an Org option  to navigate our mobile website and fill out our form.

    • Logout: Choose the Logout option at the bottom of the screen.


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