How do I print my certificate?


    Your photos and certificates are attached to the Merit you have earned. Here are the steps to access them:

    • Open the email from Sigma congratulating you on earning your first Merit.


    • Click the green "Claim your profile" button to open the page on
    • Complete the Claim Profile steps by adding your name, a password, and agreeing to Sigma's Terms of Service.  Your Sigma Profile will then be placed within your Pending Merits tab.


    • Accept your pending Merit by clicking  Screen_Shot_2017-10-12_at_11.57.36_AM.png   or "Accept All". This will move your Merit from your "Pending" tab to your accepted "Merits" tab


    • Click on "Merits" to go to your accepted "Merits" tab.
    • Click on your Merit (the card) to open it.


    • There will be different tabs on the left side that allow you to navigate through the different kinds of attachments on your Merit.
    • Each photo and document is downloadable and printable: Select the attached file, click the "Download" button on the bottom of the popup window and then send that file to your printer. 


    If you still have questions or need assistance, please contact us at

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